Do electronic cigarettes emit any smoke?

Smokers are probably getting pretty sick of all the regulations and rules that they have to follow. It seems that you can’t smoke anywhere anymore. Smoking is prohibited in restaurants, diners, bars – pretty much everywhere were you really want to smoke and enjoy yourself. If you are tired of constantly having to go out to have a smoke and get your nicotine fix, there is actually a solution out there for you. You could try smoking electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes are the wave of the future and they are catching on slowly but surely. The best part about smoking electronic cigarettes is that you can smoke them just about anywhere. That is because they do not emit any smoke. All they do is emit a vapor that is not harmful to anyone. This vapor that you inhale, however, has all the nicotine that you need.

The great thing about it is that while you are getting all of the nicotine that you would be getting when smoking a regular cigarette, but what you are not getting are the dozens of other harmful chemicals that you inhale when you are smoking real cigarettes. Also, you are avoiding inhaling all of the tar that clogs up your lungs and arteries, which is another added bonus.

But since there is nothing that is burning and you are not emitting smoke when you are smoking your electronic cigarette, you are able to use it just about anywhere. That means that when you want to get your nicotine fix after dinner, you don’t have to leave the restaurant and stand in front like a reject. When you are having a pint of beer and you want to have some nicotine along with it, you can just take out your electronic cigarette and puff on it indoors without having to hit the curb to have a cigarette.
This convenience is why so many people are switching to electronic cigarettes, but that is definitely not the only reason. There are tons of other benefits that are converting more and more people every day to electronic cigarettes.

Even though you cannot really say that e- cigarettes are safe, you can say that they are a healthier option when compared to normal, everyday cigarettes. You are getting nicotine when smoking them, so they are definitely not safe, because nicotine is still harmful and it’s still a very addictive substance. However, you are avoiding inhaling all of the other terrible and hazardous chemicals that come with smoking regular cigarettes, so that is a definite health advantage. Also, being able to smoke without inhaling any tar is another very healthy bonus.

Not only that, but when you switch to electronic cigarettes, you will notice that you will end up saving tons of money, because it is a much more affordable option compared to smoking regular cigarettes. We all know that the price of regular cigarettes increases every single year, and your wallet will definitely be thanking you if you switch to this electronic option of getting the nicotine you need.

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