Do electronic cigarettes damage my lungs?

Electronic cigarettes have proven to be great alternatives for real cigarettes and there are many reasons why this is so. You are able to enjoy the ritual of smoking without many of the negative aspects that go along with it such as with a vaporizer.

First of all, it is definitely a healthier option, and your health should always come first. There is no way that you can call electronic cigarettes safe, because they are not. When you are smoking electronic cigarettes, you are still getting the nicotine that your body is craving, and nicotine is still not good for you and a highly addictive and potentially very dangerous substance. However, when you smoke electronic cigarettes, you are inhaling a vapor that is a lot more pure than the smoke you inhale when you are smoking real cigarettes. This vapor contains the nicotine that you need and crave, but it does not contain a lot of the many hazardous chemicals that you inhale when you are smoking real cigarettes.

Also, you are not taking in any tar, which is what is damaging your lungs. Tar sticks to your lungs and leads to potential health problems more so than anything else that is associated with smoking. It also clogs your arteries and can lead to serious cardiovascular problems. So with smoking electronic cigarettes, you are avoiding the inhalation of this nasty substance known as tar – which is already a huge health bonus for smokers.

Another great thing about electronic cigarettes is that you can smoke them anywhere. All of you smokers are aware of the restrictions of smoking and you are probably sick of them. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have a cigarette at the table after finishing your meal at a restaurant or to light up a while having a beer with your friends at the bar? You can with electronic cigarettes because smoking an electronic cigarette does not produce any smoke. All you get is the vapor that you are inhaling and it is completely legal to smoke them indoors because there is no smoking going out into the atmosphere when you are smoking them.

And since there is no smoke, that also means that there is no nasty cigarette smell. People who don’t smoke hate the smell of smoke generally, but people who smoke do not enjoy the smell either. With electronic cigarettes, you don’t have to worry about this lingering smell anymore. You will no longer smell like a smoker among people who don’t smoke and your home will no longer smell like an ashtray either. Your breath will also be a lot more pleasant when you switch over to electronic cigarettes.
With all these great advantages of electronic cigarettes presented, it’s hard not to give them a chance. There are way too many positive advantages that smoking e-cigarettes offers to not give it a shot and see if they work for you.

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